Main dishes


Main dishes

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  • Fisherman fondue

    Prawns, cod, saumon, mussels, squids and fish of the day in a vegetable broth Seasonal salad with grains 250 gr of meat or fish per person Chips Rice Gratin dauphinois French fries Our sauces Cocktail sauce Garlic Curry Rocket Baker's basket

  • Fondue Vigneronne

    Sliced beef meat, cooked in a red wine broth with small vegetables

  • Bacchus fondue

    Sliced veal and beef meat, cooked in a white wine broth with small vegetables

  • Fondue Bressanne

    Sliced chicken meat to dip in breadcrumbs, cooked in boiling oil

  • Fondue Bourguignonne

    Beef, horse and chicken meat sliced and cooked in a red wine broth with small vegetables

  • Chinese fondue

    Beef, horse and chicken meat, cut into thin slices, cooked in a vegetables and chinese mushrooms broth

  • Cheese fondue

    Traditionalwith Gruyère cheese, Pickles, Onions, Baker's basket

  • Mongolian pork curry

  • Lamb Roggonjosh Jalfrezi vegetable curry served in a curcuma and ginger sauce

  • Chicken Makhani served in a tomato sauce with fresh herbs

  • Papet Vaudois served with glazed ham, saucisson and lard

  • Veal Roast Calvados sauce with glazed apple slices mix of seasonal vegetables potatoes and carrots with olive oil

  • Pork filet mignon with prunes served with a dome of bulgur sautéed seasonal vegetables

  • Lemon soy roasted Branzino served with steamed vegetable and saffron rice

  • Thai green chicken curry with fresh coco beans and carrots

  • Zurich veal émincé – with or without veal kidney – served with traditional rösti and seasonal vegetables

  • Free range chicken roast with pinot noir reduction oriental cereals potpourri of root vegetables

  • Grilled ham marinated with honey and Maux mustard Pommes de terres boulangères Sautée of vegetables

  • Médaillon de bœuf, fricassé de champignons, pluie de boulgour & sa brunoise, eventail de légumes

  • Glazed lamb filet Hodge-podge of couscous Vegetable trilogy

  • Porc filet mignon with prunes, potatoes and carrots country style with green vegetables

  • Roast pork with a mushroom fricassee potatoes and country style carrots

  • Paprika pork roast, with a Pinot Noir reduction Fresh pasta roasted cherry tomatoes

  • Zurich style veal, with a creamy mushroom sauce Parsley rice sautéed vegetables

  • Trio de viandes de la ferme: lard salé blanc, jambon cuit et saucisson vaudois, haricots à la crème, pommes de terre aux herbes

  • Salmon filet on a Water Cresson purée Rice with Saffron and a fine ratatouille

  • Diced chicken with lemon and ginger Rice with turmeric, and sautéed pumpkin

  • Beef ragout in Pinot noir reduction seasonal vegetables polenta triangles

  • Roast pork with a mushroom fricassee potatoes and country style carrots

  • Salmon filet Chives based sauce, selection of sautéed vegetables

  • Marinated lamb filet hodge-podge of vegetables sautéed zucchini

  • Hickory smoked roast beef served on a nest of potatoes and carrots with it s natural juice

  • Chicken roulade with morel mushrooms served on a bed of potatoes and carrots with the meats natural juice

  • Beef medallions served with a mushroom fricassée, tower of bulgur and an assortment of vegetables

  • Rolled turkey filet stuffed with spinach and basil Sherry reduction served on a potato and carrot écrasée with sautéed Brussels sprouts

  • Fresh salmon filet potatoes with fresh parsley and lemon puree

  • Filet mignon of Pork on an apple cider reduction

  • Wild game meat terrine with potatoes and cranberry salad

  • Vegetable Stir-Fry ( Chinese broccoli, baby corn, carrots, pois-mange-tout, soja beans)

  • Thai style beef with lemon grass and coconut milk

  • Indonesian style Sweet and sour prawns

  • Singaporean Noodles

  • Lamb mustard ragout served with zucchini and carrots shavings on a bed of couscous

  • Wild boar on the spit bulgur with fresh herbs

  • Balsamic chicken breast Creamy polenta hodge-podge of seasonal vegetables

  • Thin roast pork slices roasted new season potatoes Shiitake mushrooms with baby onions

  • Chicken breast with a duo of tomatoes and tarragon coulis served with stuffed zucchini Basmati Saffron rice

  • Old fashioned veal fricassée with mushrooms bundle of beans and potatoes Duchess

  • Lamb mustard ragout served with zucchini and carrots shavings on a bed of couscous

  • Filet of turkey stuffed and served with candied chestnuts and its juice with Porto