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  • Orange slices with Morello cherries and Mongolian spices Served with a lime sorbet

  • Slice of chocolate truffle

  • Cappuccino & Amaretto mousse

  • Vanilla mille feuilles

  • Stick of raspberry cake

  • Triangle chocolate opera

  • Selection of macaroons

  • Mini lemon tarts

  • Mini strawberry tarts

  • Red fruits served with cream

  • Hazelnut and honey cake

  • Mini Blueberry pancakes

  • Tropical fruit platter

  • Ivory Coast Chocolate cake with apricots ganache

  • Selection of mignardises

  • Profiteroles with an orange cream served with a chocolate and cardamome sauce

  • Green tea ice-cream Served with small fruits

  • Cake with a Saffron glazing with a chocolate and star anise sauce

  • Blackcurrant meringue slice on a bed of rhubarb and cinnamon sauce

  • Intense black chocolate cake served with a Bourbon vanilla sauce

  • Passion fruit mille feuilles served with a coulis duo

  • Blanc battue with blueberry marinated in elderberry syrup

  • Chocolate and Amaretto mousse

  • Salad of Mandarines garnished with dark chocolate shavings

  • Trio of farm meats : salted lard, cooked ham, Saucisson Vaudois, green beans with a cream sauce, potatoes with herbs